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Why Us

           Successful Stories
            SKOVO Group from Finland, placed a big order regarding Fireworks in Liuyang, China in Nov,2001. STIN (CHINA) BUSINESS SERVICE CO.,LTD provided a ONE-STOP business solution service for them in China: Sourcing a right exporter and manufacturer, Quality control during production and before shipment, Supervision of the loading process, Clear the customs and Shipping support etc, we also offered Biz Guide service for their business meetings in China: Pick up their director at the airport, Hotel reservation, Arrange appointments and business meetings, Accompany their directors throughout China, acting as an interpreter and guide. 

Part of the Comments from our clients worldwide:

         "Having just returned home to the UK, from a fantastic trip to your incredible country. I was escorted brilliantly by Mr Justin Yuan.
At every stage of my business dealings and extensive travelling around China. I found Justin to be very professional,courteous and very helpful in translating my business proposals to the prospective suppliers we met during our time together. I am sure i will have further dealings in China.Therefore i won't hesitate in requesting further help and assistance from your company, and more importantly from Justin."
Kind regards,
Richard         Procurement Director

           "We have been using STIN Purchasing Agent Service for over 10 years and have been very happy with their services. STIN sourced our products for us and we went to China to meet a member of the team (Justin) and to have a look around the chosen factories. We have now imported lot of containers and everything has run smoothly with consistent quality. If we ever have any questions they are always resolved very quickly and there is always someone to speak to. I have no reservations recommending STIN's services; they are extremely professional and have been a pleasure to work with. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me."
Paul Organ   Managing Director 
STAC, London, UK
           "STIN has been a strong ally in our sourcing and QC ventures in China, reporting precise details on each order for over 6 years. We are very pleased with their quick response to issues and overall service and we hope to continue business with them for many years to come... "

Alberto Devivo
Manager, Calzados Rossi, Caracas, Venezuela

" Thank you so much,sir.  We are very impressed by your work (verification service) and has CERTAINLY saved us from being cheated.
We look forward to future cooperation from time to time ."
Thanks again.
U.H  CEO, India

“Thank you very much. You provide an excellent service and your report is very thorough. Have a good weekend.”
 Greg Griffey
CEO frrom USA

"We called STIN urgently on July 09, 2014 and asked them to complete
 an on-site Loading Process Supervision service within 20 hours in Tianjin
 city, then they rushed there and completed the service perfectly and 
submitted the report within 24 hours .....

No other inspection can do it....
If we didnt order STIN we would suffer a loss of 50 000 USD as the supplier
 did not weigh properly at the loading site...
Even Alex Stewart company representative was there but we trust STIN
 because we feel the motion towards their seriousity....
Good job! And I highly recommend their services to all my friends worldwide,
 we would be happy to build a long temr cooperation with them in China ! "
Farhat Ouederni  
From Morocco, North Africa

          " Your report is perfect. For now I don't have any question.

Thank you for everything.Now I have very good opinion about Chinese people.
I will recommend your company to all my business partners worldwide."
Best wishes,

Davor Nenadovic 
CEO  from Belgrade, Serbia

           " Excellent and brilliant job! You are my eyes in China. I'm so glad to have a purchasing agent like you. I'll be in contact with you in one or two days, for sure I need the QC inspection soon, Congratulations again and many thanks."

 CEO  from ECUADOR, South America

         "Getting contacted by Mr. Justin Yuan / http://www.bizinchina.cc or www.chinabizservices.com  was the best thing that could happen to me!I had to pay nothing in advance. It is incredible: NOW 6TH OF DECEMBER 2008 I GOT MY MONEY BACKThis only, because of the absolutely perfect help of Mr. Yuan and his TEAM in China. DEAR MR. YUAN: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. I can warmly recommend Mr. Yuan and STIN team to everybody having problems in China - he is absolutely correct. "
Ralph Semler
General Manager  from Germany

         " I highly recommend you use STIN service before doing any business in china. Had I used them before I wired $20k to China I would not have been taken advantage of by a crook and a thief posing as a manufacturer.
I will continue to use them to investigate businesses for me in China.
Should you need further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact me."
Meloney Early
President  ForGirlsLikeUs  from  USA

            " We have found it really safe and fisible to deal with Chinese sellers through STIN. Often the Chinese pretend to be a big manufacturer but actually are not. Hence STIN through their basic verification service has helped us to check the suppliers really well by providing their complete past history and present deals also the size & age of their company, which is the most important thing to know about the Chinese first stuff. We already used their Verification services and now we are in discussion with them for selection of right supplier and then we are planning to use their Purchase agent service which will safeguard our advance money that we pay to the suppliers and also check each and every step of production of our material at the factory each day to enable best quality product for us.

They are really helpful and friendly and available any time for service, its like you are actually present at China and carrying out the inspection. STIN is a very helpful team and I am 101% sure you will find the best supplier in China through them. So my advice is that you can just provide your supplier info to STIN and they will do the rest for you."

Partha. W.   
Usha Bearings Co.
Feira Alta, Mapusa Goa, India

            " I am very pleased to let you know that the money from Haiming has shown up in my account today. This has been a long wait for me, and I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for me, and please pass on my thanks to all STIN staff who have helped with this. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone worldwide! "

Sylvia Turner     
Director  Efficient Earthworks from  Australia

            " My name is Ganesh, I am from illinois, USA. Recently I have got a verification report in details on my supplier from STIN company with reasonable price. STIN is a professional business service company in China; I am very pleased with their services and I do appreciate them in China."

Director, from Illinois, USA

          " STIN service is the best among all I have ever met in China."

Purchasing director,  UK

        " Thank STIN so much, their help (auditing service) in China saved us 120000 USD. We will continue to employ their services in China."

Votoly Slankivo  
CEO, from Russia  

         " STIN is my best purchasing agent, and they are working like my own purchase office in Asia, esp in China! Thank them again, they helped me a lot indeed! "

Rubio Toberto 
General Manager, from Canada

More references can be available upon request.

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